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My Passion

It has always been my dream to devote myself entirely to planning weddings and events.  With over 10 years of experience in planning weddings, including my own when I married my high school sweetheart (a cliché, I know!), wedding planning is a passion and hobby as well as my vocation.  In my career in wedding planning, I have been fortunate enough to have planned over 500 weddings and have enjoyed sharing in the different styles, themes and character that each couple bring to their weddings.  Each wedding is individual and one of my favourite elements of a wedding is ensuring that the personalities of each couple shine through on the big day.


My Experience

Having worked full-time in planning weddings in hotels, 5 star venues and stately homes since 2000, I have worked with couples from all over the world to help them create their perfect wedding day.  This experience alone has enabled me to gain firsthand experience in accommodating traditions, beliefs and customs from many different cultures and backgrounds.  I have embraced challenges from planning an American wedding in Scotland without meeting the happy couple until the week before the wedding to coordinating a large wedding with 3 weeks notice!

Having already spent many years in the industry, I have built-up great relationships with suppliers all over Scotland and will be able to help you choose ones that are perfect for you.  I have spent a lot of time visiting hotels and venues throughout Scotland so that I am better equipped to advise you on which locations would suit your wedding and have even planned weddings in the homes of couples so there are not many scenarios that I haven’t worked on!


My Interests

I am highly motivated and have had an interest in weddings for as long as I can remember!  I like travelling, dancing, creative arts, cooking, baking and cake decorating.  I have a flair for interior design and am that person who is drafted in to do the finishing touches at parties!

By combining my passions, experience and interests I am able to provide you with a fresh, exciting, innovative and most importantly, individual approach to ensure that your wedding is personal to you. 

I believe that the key to a perfect wedding is to listen to my clients to create your vision for your perfect wedding day.  By working with a team of high-end suppliers, together we are able to confidently say that Joann Scott Weddings will ensure that your wedding day will be as perfect as possible “come rain or shine”.

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